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Restoring Souls to Health and Peace

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Agape Counseling Associates is a leading provider for Clinical Christian Counseling.  We are located in Wilmington, Jacksonville and Morehead City, North Carolina. You will find our expertise broad and our counseling staff fully licensed and experts in their fields. The Agape Counseling staff provide therapy for Adults, Individuals, Marriage and Families. We have specialties in counseling for Teens and Children, and those who struggle with Addiction. With a commitment to our Military, we also offer counseling for those unique individuals and their families, including help with PTSD.  Agape Counseling staff members  offer specific therapy for Pastors, their church leadership, as well as  other Professionals.
Our clients are people who struggle with anxiety and depression, marriage difficulties, separation and divorce, families in conflict, communication barriers, how to process grief, loss and trauma, working with aging parents, children with learning challenges, including ADHD, single parenting, raising teenagers, anger management, and  perinatal mood disorders.  Our clients are people just like you.

We would love to help you connect with one of our trained counselors in one of our office locations in Wilmington, Jacksonville or Morehead City.  Learn more about our services- give us a call to speak about the specific ways we can help you.

Let’s start a conversation about you and your journey.

We know that life happens and circumstances shape all of us, our behaviors, our emotions, our being. Sometimes we get derailed. At Agape, we believe that one of our greatest weaknesses lie in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try, even if it’s just one more time.

Counseling Therapy Therapist Wilmington NC

Divorce Recover and Support Group for Women

A safe and supportive place to heal

February 14, 2019 @ 6:00PM

3806 Peachtree Ave, Suite 210
Wilmington, NC

Facilitated by Angelia Keith

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Toxic relationships
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Anger management
Self Harm
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Life Transitions and the Aging
Pornography Addictions
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Postpartum Depression and Perinatal Mood Disorder in Women
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Military Families

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LPCA, LCAS-A, NCC, M.S. Counselor Ed.

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Our Newest Group for Teens: Girl Talk

We are so excited to introduce our new group, “Girl Talk”, a new group for adolescent girls (ages 13-17). This group will cover topics such as: Emotion Regulation, Forming Healthy Relationships, Improving Body Image and Self-Confidence, Fostering Positive Self-Worth, and Responsible Social Media Use.

From our blog . . .

On Forgiveness and Living the Christian Life in Marriage

Oftentimes, couples will come to couple’s therapy believing wholeheartedly, that the other person is at fault.  They believe that if “my husband” or “my wife” did not do such and such a thing, then they would be perfect again as they were in the beginning.  What...

Divorce Recovery and Support Group in Wilmington, NC

Be a part of a safe and supportive place where you can heal from divorce.  Angela Keith will be facilitating a Divorce Recovery and Support Group for Women in begining February 14, 2019.  This group will be hosted in our Wilmington office on Peachtree Ave.   If you'd...

Parent Network Podcast 22 – Troy Peverall

Episode 22 of The Parent Network Podcast at Port City Community Church in Wilmington, NC (PC3) is a continuation of a conversation with Troy Peverall of Agape Counseling Associates.  Troy shares how to parent in the midst of difficult marriage relationships and how to...

Parent Network Podcast 21 – Troy Peverall

The Parent Network Podcast at Port City Community Church in Wilmington, NC (PC3) Troy Peverall of Agape Counseling Associates talks about how to strengthen our marriage and we get some overall great parenting advice. It's part one of two and its great!

Lauren Hill in the New York Times about Eating Disorders

Photo Credit: Eamon Queeney for The New York Times Agape is proud to share that Lauren Hill was featured by the New York Times.  The article, "To Treat Easting Disorders, it Sometimes Takes Two" was published in November, 2018.  In the feature, Lauren and her husband...


Thirty women assembled for the first meeting of small group I was helping facilitate; the crowd was comprised of singles, wives, and moms, ages 25-55, of various backgrounds.  Before each person was a sticky note and a pen.  We instructed the women to...

What Does Agape Mean?

So, what’s in a name? Agape is a Greek word meaning unconditional love. This is the foundation that we as Clinical Christian Counselors begin with you. Unconditional means that you and your issues are safe here. While we are rooted by our faith, all are welcome, those without a particular faith and those who share ours.

Office Locations in Wilmington and Jacksonville

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207 North 35th St. Suite A
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