Adults and Individuals

Why Adult and Individual Therapy?

Sometimes it happens that way. Life takes us by surprise.  Today looks different than yesterday. It can happen suddenly and our emotions take over. Perhaps it looks like anger or we find ourselves feeling sad and trapped by depression. The life that we had hoped for took a sudden detour and we became stressed and anxious. An unforeseen divorce hijacked our marriage or our parents marriage and we are fearful about the uncertainty.  It could have happened when we told our loved one goodbye at the graveside. We weren’t expecting it and now our grief is deep with the loss and we are desperate and feeling hopeless. Perhaps we experienced it when our aging parents needed extra care and became more dependent on us. Or, at some point in our life, we became a “fix it” person feeling responsible for everyone in our life and we are held captive by codependency, Life just happens when we feel stressed by our circumstances, relationships that have become difficult with poor communication, our self esteem is destroyed. We are left feeling helpless.

Our staff is trained to meet you at your lowest point. Let us help you find hope again, help to refocus your thoughts and get you on your way again.


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Issues We Can Help With



Anger Management




Conflict Resolution

Depression and Anxiety

Divorce and Seperation

Food Addictions

Internet Addictions

Life Transitions

Parenting Strategies

Pornography Addiction

Pre-marital Counseling

Relationship Boundaries

Self Esteem

Self Harm


Sexual Intimacy

Social Media


Substance Abuse

Toxic Relationships

Transitions and the Aging