Noah Watson


Professional Counselor Intern

Agape Counseling Associates is excited to welcome Noah to our growing team of professionals.  He will be completing intern hours and course requirements toward full licensure for private practice under the direct supervision of Troy Peverall. While we continue to address the vast need for mental health in our surrounding areas, Agape is pleased to offer extended hours through Noah for marriage and family, teens, and college students. With excellent training and deep insight, he is helping our team continue to offer the best in Clinical Christian Counseling.


I am glad you have come this far into your journey to better your life and/or marriage! It would be a joy to walk alongside you as you continue in that process. My mentor as a child and college student was Dr. Gary Chapman, who wrote the world-famous book “The Five Love Languages.” He has always been an influence in my personal development and in my development as a counselor, which is how I came to be so passionate about marriages. In addition, I am passionate about helping individuals promote self-growth so that they can reach their goals and make their dreams a reality. I take an Existential and Person-Centered approach to therapy and integrate techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, and Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy. Currently, I have completed all coursework in my Graduate Program and I am logging hours of clinical experience in preparation for both Graduation and the North Carolina Licensure Exam so that I can become licensed as an LCMHC. However, just as I am on a journey, I believe that all of my clients are on a journey as well. It is my job as a counselor to walk with clients as we process past trauma, self-care, necessary changes, current and past feelings, and future aspirations. I am excited to put both my passion and education to use as I assist you in achieving your goals.

Barbara Jacques Counselor Wilmington NC

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