From where I sit, the view is amazing.  I am enjoying the morning in my favorite spot, a rocker on the back deck of a log cabin. My dogs feeling lazy, are lying at my feet. There is a cool breeze, a welcome reprieve for the steamy month of August. If I listen carefully, I can hear the soft call of a mother turkey, beckoning her chicks to stay near. In the foreground of my view, are tall deciduous trees that provide layers of green covering, making this spot an oasis for the person who needs the invitation to rest. It has been my daily pilgrimage, this spot on the porch, as I have talked and listened more closely to God and received his grace and perspective every day for nearly two weeks. Like David, I understand that “he restores my soul.”

The scene before me is a rolling foothill cultivated with pine trees. Come December, some will be harvested as Christmas trees and bring great joy to families and friends as they decorate and gather around it. The clouds almost touch its summit as they billow past. There are multi-layers of colors that beckon my attention. Lush greens, rich browns, beautiful blues, and subtle grays.

My attention focuses on the path that has been cut into the scene, which itself is a lighter shade against the darker pine forest. It begins lower beneath the elevation of the hill, but I can see that it slowly winds its way to the top. I am sure that this “road” in the wilderness, was planned by the farmers to bring to access their crops, attend to needed care, and make ready for the coming harvest.  At the top of the hill, stand three manmade crosses, their meaning familiar to me but foreign to the natural surroundings of the environment. These crosses stand tall against the backdrop and provide a reminder for all eyes to see, the reminder for salvation.

I have seen the hillside change with weather patterns these two weeks and have marveled as I watched the morning and evening mist give way to those crosses. And, although the evening fog comes down from the clouds and hides their view from me, I am aware that they are there, though hidden from my sight.

It’s hard to leave this place but in just a few short days, we will make our journey home to sea level and resume our life. I am so thankful for the sweetness of these days and the much-needed perspective that the mountains always bring.  While we have been here, the world has erupted in utter chaos. There are leadership failures, governmental regulations, and massive humanitarian crises. There are job adjustments and relationship challenges. Yet, the image of the cross, its meaning, and its hope bring perspective to my life as the world brings seasons of change and new directions. The cross is a constant against the landscape of my life, but I am reminded that not everyone has this assurance. It is free for the seeker, there for the asking.

I hope you find encouragement from the cross as you navigate changes in your life. If we can help you find your way, we are honored to be positioned to do so.




By Kim Peverall