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Technology advances everyday. With webcams our clinicians can provide counseling when coming to an onsite office appointment is just not working. Simply put, Tele Health is Online Counseling. This has become revolutionary for people who live out of state, who are traveling, but want to keep up with their counseling progress, active duty military and those who may have schedules that  prevent them from scheduling during normal office hours.  Its important to check with your insurance provider as a first step.  Give our office a call to set your Online Session. We are ready to help you get started 

How To Setup a Telehealth Appointment

If you are interested in setting an appointment with one of our counselors that offer Telehealth, please be advised that some insurance companies will not cover your session. We require that you contact your carrier beforehand to determine if this service is a reimbursable benefit covered under your mental health benefit. To assist you, we have listed the most common billing codes that will be used to file your claims appropriately. Please have these ready when calling your carrier.


90791   Initial appointment with a Therapist (Intake and Evaluation)

90837   Therapy appointment (60-75 minutes)

90834   Therapy appointment (45 minutes to 50 minutes)

90832   Therapy appointment ( 30 minutes to 45 minutes)

90847   Therapy appointment (primary plus family member)


Additionally, there are steps that are required by this office before your registration can be complete.

  • All intake forms. Release forms, and Office Policies must be competed, signed and received by your provider no later than 2 days prior to your appointment. Please note: a telehealth appointment will function exactly like an office appointment on site with regards to missed appointments or cancellations.
  • Patients must complete a Vsee registration at This is a free download for the patient.
  • A copy of Driver’s License will be required with office forms.
  • Patient email established for point of contact

On the day of your appointment, you will log into your vsee account to search for your counselor by email at your scheduled time. Please be patient as providers may be a few minutes late with other appointments and will also be logging in to search for you.

Need Help?

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