Children and Teens


Why Children and Teens Therapy?

Todays culture is changing everyday. What was once defined as normal is being challenged and re-assigned by policy makers. The impact that this has on our children is HUGE.  Today’s youth are more stressed and anxious, concerned about safety at school, confused about their gender, and driven by social media. Their playgrounds have become overtaken by bullying, they are addicted to Facebook, You Tube and Instagram, using their cell phones for sexting, and searching for pornography. Body image concerns are also beginning younger, even before middle school, leading to eating disorders and other health concerns.  We understand the helpless feelings of today’s parents. Our clinicians are not only professionals, they are concerned parents and educators too. They stay on the cutting edge of trainings as technology daily ramps up the world that our kids encounter. Give us a call so we can fight together.


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