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Pornography’s Prey Seminar

Pornography’s Prey is a series of workshop for non-profits, churches, counseling offices, clinics, universities, high schools, clergy, and other more who seek to empower their leaders, members, and clients to live free from pornography.  The workshop includes research results, indicators of pornography, and tools to help live free from pornography.

Workshop Titles

  • Pornography’s Prey…. When Pastors, Leaders and the Church become the Hunted ( 3 or 4 hour workshop)
  • Pornography’s Prey…. When Children and Adolescents become prey. ( 3 hour workshop)
  • Pornography’s Prey…. When Use becomes Addiction ( 4 hour workshop)“Pornography’s Prey…. When the Vulnerable become the Hunted (4‐6 hour workshop)

This seminar will give you insight into a hidden world that is affecting many of the lives around you. Since attending I am more equipped to help those seeking a way out of this difficult issue. As a pastor I now see more clearly the need to help our people understand pornography and the damage it produces in both children and adults. This class is worth your time and I highly recommend it
Jim Snider
Life Care Pastor
Life Community Church

Troy Peverall’s workshop on pornography provides information every parent needs since a child’s access to pornography is as close as their computer or smart phone. Troy’s presentation on the neurological impact on the brain is presented in a way that is completely understandable by parents and professionals. I enthusiastically recommend this workshop.
Phillip A. Mooring, MS, LCAS, CSAPC
Executive Director
Families in Action, Inc.

For More Information on Pornography Addiction:

Agape Jacksonville is excited to announce THRIVE, a new support group for wives whose husbands have struggled with Pornography or Sexual Addiction. Please see contact information as group size is limited. If you are interested, you must be wiling to complete a confidential interview to attend the group.

Positive Impact Substance Awareness

A substance abuse group for teens

Times: Mondays from 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Location: Wilmington office
To Register, call: 910-251-7789

Girl Talk

A group for teens

Dates: September 11, 2018 – November 13, 2018 (10 weeks)
Times: Tuesdays from 4:15 PM – 5:45 PM
Location: Wilmington office
To Register, call: 910-251-7789
(Please note that group participants will be required to meet individually with one of the group facilitators for a screening by 8/31/18)

We are so excited to introduce our new group, “Girl Talk”, a new group for adolescent girls (ages 13-17).  This group will cover topics such as:  Emotion Regulation, Forming Healthy Relationships, Improving Body Image and Self-Confidence, Fostering Positive Self-Worth, and Responsible Social Media Use.  Challenging. This group will be co-facilitated by Licensed Counselors Wendy Laursen and Lauren Hill and the cost will be $50 per group.

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