As we end this year, may we practice more of these things in the coming 2022.

Practices that will offer us freedom, strength, and joy as we encounter the days ahead. 

These are all things I am promising to myself this year. All of the things I have learned on my journey of life. I am in charge of me, and me alone. As I continue to stay in my own lane and embrace the world around me, my hope

is that my words will be helpful to each of you. 

1) Reflect at the end of each day. You will be surprised how much good you’ll find, even at the end of a hard day. 

2) Prioritize what’s important to you, truly and wholeheartedly. 

3) Release responsibilities that are guilt-driven, allowing space to engage in things that are Joy-filled and meaningful to you.

4) Intentionally connect with others, true vulnerable, and authentic connection. Don’t take up time and space for surface-level relationships. 

5) Choose and embrace more laughter, true joy, and activities that foster these things.

6) Spend time getting to know yourself more, hang out with yourself without the distractions of ”all the things.” 

7) Give time to yourself, make yourself a priority. Feed your mind, body, soul, and spirit with the things that will truly sustain you.

8) Show up in spaces leaning in, instead of pushing out, you’d be surprised how good it feels. 

9) Always know in your heart,

”You’re the person for the job, and You are enough.”

10) Engage in one physical activity and stick with it. A 30 min walk/jog/bike ride/sit-ups/push-ups, whatever it is, just be consistent.

11) Open and encounter the word of God, you’d be surprised all you will gain. 

12) Be present, really present. Make fun memories with your loved ones, because you can! 

13) If you think you can do something, take the first step. Don’t live in a world of “what ifs.”

14) If you’re unhappy, do something about it, no one else can change your circumstances! 

15) If you’re bitter/resentful, find out where it all began and heal that part of your past. When that part is healed, you will find freedom. 

16) Forgive! Do this often, people are human and often make mistakes. Do it for yourself.

17) Flip the mood in the room when you notice the negative, You Can be the change. 

18) Enjoy Today! Really enjoy, look up more, notice the world around you. Limit your time looking down at your device,

and encounter the world more! You’d be surprised how much Joy you will find in that alone:) 

19) Stop comparing and judging others, it’s not your life, it’s theirs! Stay in your lane. 

20) Sleep well, tuck yourself in, or get tucked in each night. A good night’s rest resets the mind and body in a beautiful way. 

21) Eat well, nourish your body with whole foods: real, tasty, and colorful foods that you cook yourself. Limit eating out or ordering in. If you don’t know how to cook, find some good healthy recipes and just try them.

22) Read a really good book at least once a quarter.

23) Find a good podcast to listen to, one that’s inspirational and makes you a better human.

24) Take a day off and rest! Truly rest! Take the day off from work and all it’s to-do’s. Jesus did it, so should you! 

25) Embrace who you are in him, your purpose, and your place in this world.  

26) Be patient, His timing is always the right timing.

Here’s to a better year ahead! 

Heart hugs,