I sit here with a conviction of what the Holy Spirit has recently disclosed to me for our next generation, our children of all ages as a mother, and a helper.

As I invite God into this post, I pray that all of my readers will hear His Heart through me. The impact of Covid over the last 2 years has been full of fear, confusion, loss, and distrust about environments that our children have entered into. It also has been a time of slowing down, re-prioritizing our to-do’s, with the ability to say no to commitments that we would have in the past felt obligated to say yes to. In this new Spring season, I have felt the Holy Spirit tugging me with reminders to keep investing in my girls, connecting with them in the way Jesus would. Entering into their worlds with their friends and at home reminding them that “momma’s” not going anywhere physically or emotionally. In this season of confusion for them as they question God’s presence in this broken world, I stand firm that he’s still working! As we engage with the world around us my sentiments are to remember that God never gives up on us, he never leaves or forsakes us. He sacrificed his son on the cross for a reason, for us. The sins of this world were taken by him. Before Jesus took his last breath on that cross, he cried out to his father in his human form on this earth, as he bore all of our sins, ”my father why have you forsaken me“, he then said one last thing…. “it is done”, he surrendered his fleshly body, took his last breath as a human, it was ALL done. The veil was torn. It was in that moment that Jesus opened the door for us to have a relationship with God in a way that wasn’t available beforehand. Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice for all our sins, and for us to be full of the Holy Spirit with full access to the Lord. As I picture this time in history I continue to pray that we realize our Full Access to him. Just as our masks come off of our faces, may we be reminded of the veil that was torn with the opportunity to have a true relationship/friendship with our Savior.  As a collective community, I pray that as adults in this world we will recognize that our first mission on this earth is to disciple our youth. Walk and talk like Jesus! Be the light in the midst of confusion and darkness, and stand firm on his promises!

With light and love,