When asked to picture a typical counseling session most envision a counselor sitting in their office chair, while the client lies on a couch, and discusses various topics with counselor.  Did you know there is a movement called #offthecouch?  This funny hashtag speaks to debunking the stereotypical outlook most individuals have about counseling sessions.  It is true counseling can take place in a traditional office setting, but it also true that counseling can occur out in nature.  A traditional talk therapy session can be accomplished in many settings.  Another counseling tool is to incorporate experiential activities.  These activities can take place in an office or a wilderness therapy setting. Using experiential activities allows a creative and unique process for counseling.  There are many benefits to this approach including building trust between counselor and client as well as working through issues in the moment as they happen. There are numerous perks to getting off the couch and out into nature!  To learn more about this counseling approach check out the following article published by Counseling Today.