Next Step Leadership Coaching

Next Step Coaching for Individuals, Executive, and Pastoral Leadership

There are times in our life journey that make us pause; soul-searching moments that need clarification for the next steps forward. Different from counseling where we need to look back for some inner healing, Coaching offers to meet us in our present journey and points us forward. Change will be a definite outcome, but through the lens of a certified coach, this can be a rewarding process meant to buffer, encourage, find solutions, and point us in the right direction.

Through active listening, asking questions, and going deeper in our thinking, coaching will allow us to find our own solutions and help us to feel empowered to grasp the actions needed for personal success. It isn’t about teaching someone what we know; rather, coaching is about helping people to learn; and it is an ongoing conversation that helps a person explore potential, passion, and possible redirection by identifying and embracing one’s calling.


At Agape Counseling Associates, we are honored to provide certified coaches who will listen to your story, provide some perspective, and help you find your next steps forward. Not only is this especially helpful for business professionals, ministry leaders, Pastors, and CEOs, but it is also helpful for college students, taking the next steps, or an individual who just needs some forward motion.  Coaching offers a set of skills, mindsets, and tools born from a great conversation designed to help you change your results to a particular issue.

What others are saying. . .

I recommend Kyle because he not only brings business advice but also brings character advice. He guided
me to a perspective into the business that allowed me to see things in a different way. All in all, he is a
great coach and an amazing man of God!!
– John Perry, Owner, Baller Nation

As someone who is still “finding his way” (aren’t we all), I found the coaching sessions with Kyle to be
more than just profitable – they were prophetic. During these guided conversations, Kyle was able to lead
me down paths of discovery that I had not yet realized. It was more than just a pep talk – it was me
seeing for the first time purpose in areas of my life that had grown stagnant. As a result, with Kyle’s
guidance, I gained the courage to press forward with confidence and conviction that enabled me to make
decisions I otherwise would have avoided.
– Sterling Griggs, Business Professional, Pastor

Just go ahead and book your first session. I juggle a rapidly growing business, family life (two kids two and
under) and ministry. I came to Kyle with what felt like a big basket of issues. Immediately Kyle helped me
understand where we should focus and what would have the biggest impact on my life and leadership. I
left our hour long coaching session with such clarity actionable steps to implement in my business and
life. It sounds dramatic, but after talking with Kyle I felt empowered and excited to walk into work
Monday morning with a fresh vision for our company and employees. Previously I had felt anxious and
overwhelmed. I just know that continued sessions with him are going to provide the traction I have
been missing. This is not fluff! You need this. The people you love and lead need this.
– Rachel Calhoun, Owner, Windblown Jewelry


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