So, I had a moment this morning that I think was a delayed response to just how God wanted me to see things. 

As I entered into this New Year I didn’t look into a word or a phrase, rather praying that God would show me what he wanted me to see. So, I leave you with this story… 

I had this wall hanging in my private practice home office back in Connecticut that read.

“Live your life with intention, live the life you’ve always dreamed of living, the life you’ve always imagined living.”

I struggled with where I wanted this particular wall hanging to be displayed as we transitioned to North Carolina, I first chose my University office for my students to see and benefit from, because I loved the meaning behind the message and just knew my students would too.

Well, one day as I returned to my office in the middle of the pandemic I found the wall hanging on the floor with one of the attachments on the back in need of repair. So, I put it in the back of my Jeep to take it home for repairs. I immediately reinforced the wall hanging, and decided it would be best hung in my new therapy office for my future clients, and rehung it there just a few days later. 

I entered my therapy office only to find the wall hanging once again on the floor, in need of repair.

I then took the wall hanging from my therapy office and placed it back in my Jeep, with the thought that I would fix it to be hung again for others to see and benefit from. 

It stayed in the back of my Jeep for over a month because frankly, I had forgotten about it! I finally remembered to reinforce the back. I found a small nail and a hammer and reinforced the wire in the back. I placed it back into my Jeep with plans to rehang it in my therapy space. But, that weekend I needed space in the back of my Jeep for groceries, so I took it out and placed it in my garage next to my recycling bin instead.

It sat there for another few weeks displaced and lost, without a place or a purpose.  

Now, fast forward as I enter into a new season of healing, rehabilitation, and recovery. I started a 12-week program called ”A Time to Heal” that focuses on recovery in the aftermath of cancer treatment. A time to heal my spiritual, emotional, and physical self. Staying in my lane and not wearing my “helper hat” was sooo hard at first. So, as I enter this week 2, I prayed that God would make it easier for me to simply be present and be poured into. This week was a lesson on being intentional. 

I found this week’s lesson to be so helpful. Re-learning how to live a life with intention. Each day, choosing what my true feelings are, what my core beliefs are, and allowing my behaviors to follow! 

So, this morning as I walked out of the house, I glanced over at my wall hanging next to my recycle bin and chuckled inside. 

I thought to myself, how did I not see it? How was it not obvious to me? Was I too distracted? 

My answers shouted a big Fat, ”duh Anka!!!” I knew at that moment that I needed to hang this wall hanging up in my personal space, in my home, in the room above my piano where I sit each morning with my coffee, for ME! 

This message was not meant for anyone else, God wanted it for me! 

 As I venture into this next season of needing to be poured into, I also embrace intention, purely, and wholeheartedly knowing I need and want to live each day intentionally for the little, and the BIG things.

Heart Hugs💓 Anka