Hibernating of the soul is what I‘ve been hearing in my heart the last few weeks. Quieting down the world, and all the moving parts of the doing! Seasons of hibernating serve bears, and other animals to allow them to rest and prepare for the next season, so why any different for us as humans? 

So with that, I contemplate this season of hibernation to allow for God to speak to me in all the ways he needs to. Quieting down the world to be able to hear his voice more. Perhaps a season of no’s to the things not of him, and yes to the things that he wants for me. Discerning this is the key! 

Steps for me include: 

1) Getting still and quiet 

2) Being vulnerable with the Lord, allowing him to work

3) Praying 🙏🏻 

4) Listening 

5) Following 

Lord, as I continue this season of hibernation of my soul growing in my intimacy with you, I pray for ALL your goodness to show itself, clear as day. 

For me to continue to get out of your way and for you to work in ALL situations! 

Thank you for loving me!