With a continued yearning to feel more connected with our heavenly Father, my family and I ventured to the mountains this weekend for some much-needed family time away from the demands of the world. What always amazes me is how I encounter the Lord here every time.

The trees, the earth, the mountains, the smell of the fresh crisp air, immediately bring my body peace and comfort. 

As my feet crunch the multicolored leaves that have fallen to the ground during a hike, I feel grateful. Grateful for how the Lord shows me all his beauty in what he has created. A symbol of change in the Fall,  leading to rest in the Winter, and preparation for renewal in the Spring. A reminder, as I write this, that God is showing me the beauty in change, rest, with a reminder of what is yet to come. 

As I embark on a new venture back into private practice, the timing is of God‘s I’ve settled into my new office space in which I truly believe is a God thing. I co times to pray that he sends me people who I know he has hand-picked. May I continue to be humbled in encountering each and every client as I help them walk through the process of change and healing, just as the leaves and the weather during the change of seasons. 

May my walk with the Lord continue to teach me all the things he needs me to hear. Let me slow down long enough to be able to hear him, and to be wise enough to discern what he is saying. 

Lord, may you continue to equip me with wise counsel from you and to release things into your hands. 

As I embark on this next season, may I continue to bask in the glory of the colors of the fallen leaves and your Spirit working in all THE ways, remaining peaceful in your next steps for me.